Tips in Choosing a Carpet for Household with Pets

Some would say that putting carpets on a home with pets is a risky move – and, admittedly, they’ve got a point. Carpets can be fragile around pets. And, let’s face it, if you have to choose between keeping a pet and keeping a carpet, it seems that almost everyone would have the same decision of keeping the pet instead.

But what if you don’t have to choose? What if you can keep both your pet and your carpet?

If you know which carpets are best used for homes with pets, or if you know what to look for in a carpet to determine if it is pet-friendly, both your carpet and your furry friend can be together in harmony in your home.

Here are some things you should keep in mind in choosing a pet-friendly carpet:

Pet urine should be considered. – Not all pets are fully trained to pee on designated areas such as outdoors, so you have to make your decision with this in mind. You can choose a carpet that is water or stain resistant. While these won’t be 100% waterproof, it will give you enough time to attend to the mess before the urine seeps into the carpet fibers. Alternatively, you can choose a carpet that you can replace easily.

Pet paws should not be misjudged. – Even if your pet is trained to urinate on specific places your pet’s paws are not something you can easily avoid. The paws of your pet can be caught in your carpet loops when you have a loop pile carpet. So, it’s best to go for cut pile carpets.

Be prepared for stains – Living with a pet could be a bit messy, but with the right carpet color, you don’t always have to worry about the mess being on display. Of course, you still have to actually clean your carpets, but sometimes there are unsightly permanent stains that are clearly visible even after you thoroughly clean your carpets. Therefore, choosing a dark color or at least a shade that could effectively hide stains, will be a good idea.