How to Protect Your Home Carpets from Spills

Spilled liquid is something every homeowner of a carpeted home wants to avoid. However, having something spilled on your carpet is sometimes unavoidable; particularly if you have kids or if you usually hold parties or gatherings in your home.


Although spills are inevitable at times, there are still ways you can try and protect your carpets from them.


Adding a water resistant area rug over your carpet


Some homeowners don’t really agree with the idea of adding rug over their beautiful carpeted floors that they want to flaunt; however doing this could just be your only means of protecting your carpet from spills. This is even more important if the carpet you are trying to protect is made of natural materials such as wool or cotton. These materials are extremely absorbent and when liquid is spilled directly on them, it could seep quickly into the carpet fibers.


Restricting the food and drinks on some areas within your home


If you frequently invite guests inside your home for parties, you should reserve an area where they can eat or drink, and this area should have a water resistant carpet or a stain resistant one so you can easily manage incidents of spills. Keep in mind that water resistant carpets do not repel liquids 100%, but water and other liquid substance won’t easily be absorbed.


Using spray on carpet protection


You can use spray on products for your carpet that can protect it from spills. These spray on products were made to put an additional coating on the fibers and make them resistant to water and other liquid materials.


Don’t fret if after all your efforts, spills still occur. You can still avoid permanent carpet damages and spills by being alert and doing spot cleaning right away. If all else fails, call in your trusted professional carpet cleaner Calgary relies on, Steele Carpet Calgary