Different Types of Persian Carpets

Every person who loves carpets, rugs, and home decorating, in general, is probably aware that Persian carpets are among the most coveted types of carpets. Aside from the intricacy of the work, the unique designs, and rarity, Persian carpets usually possess a distinct history that adds to their magnetism.

Genuine Persian rugs are incredibly rare, and the fact that they were banned from some countries during the ‘90s made them more difficult to find and, in turn, more desirable (and more expensive). Believe it or not, one of the most expensive Persian carpets ever was sold at around a whopping 34 million dollars at an auction.

Persian Carpets

The terms Persian rug and Oriental rug are commonly being interchanged by most people; some only refer to them as antique rugs. But did you know that there are different types of Persian carpets

Most of the time, each kind of Persian rug is named after the area where it was created, and each type possesses a distinct feature.

Here are some of the most popular types of Persian Carpets:

Tabriz carpet – Tabriz is the capital of Iran. Tabriz carpets have originated from this part of Iran. The most expensive carpets in the world are Tabriz carpets. These carpets have superior quality and mostly made from silk or natural wool. Intricate ornamental patterns are common in Tabriz carpets.

Isfahan carpet – A primary city in Iran, Isfahan is said to be one of the best parts of the country. Isfahan carpets are believed to be the earliest type of Persian carpets to be recognized by the western part of the world. Isfahan carpet patterns are usually symmetrical flowers and medallions.

Baluch carpet – Also known as Balouch or Belouch carpet, this Persian carpet originated from the Balochistan province. Baluch carpets are relatively small as compared to other Persian carpets. Wool, goat hair, and camel hair are usually used to weave this kind of carpet. The usual print of Baluch carpets is geometric patterns.

Nain carpet – Nain is the main city in Isfahan. Nain carpets are known for their outstanding class. Just like Isfahan carpets, the patterns of Nain carpets re mostly symmetrical flowers with branches and medallions. Wool and silk are used for this carpet type.

Heriz carpet – Heriz carpets were woven in the village of Heriz, close to Tabriz. Heriz carpets are popular for their incomparable durability. This kind of Persian carpet can stand the test of time. Bold, vivid colors are one of the trademarks of Heriz carpets and their patterns have one thing in common – a huge medallion in the middle.

Whatever type you prefer, don’t forget to take impeccable care of your rugs and schedule your rug cleaning with a specialist.