Best Home Carpets for People with Allergies

For people suffering from asthma or allergies, staying indoors especially during times when there’s high pollen count can be a lifesaver. And since there are times when it is essential for them to stay inside their homes, choosing the wrong type of carpet can be a nightmare.


Carpets can be a great deal of help in trapping allergens and other particulates that would otherwise be just floating in the air, ready to trigger allergies and asthma. But there are certain types of carpet fibers that are more likely to provoke these unpleasant health issues, such as wool. Wool carpets are made from natural materials and could potentially hold molds and other microbes.


The great news is, there are several modern synthetic carpets that can help allergy and asthma sufferers have a better quality air to breathe in. Hypoallergenic carpets are now being sold at various carpet stores, along with hypoallergenic carpet pads.


Unfortunately, these hypoallergenic carpets and pads do not completely eliminate allergens. Your choice of carpet can also have a great impact on the possibility of your carpet to induce allergies.


Here are some of the best carpets to be used at home for people with allergies or asthma:


Nylon – Nylon is just one of the most popular carpet materials used in homes today. Nylon has high resistance to dirt and dust – therefore, it has high resistance to allergens, too.


Olefin – Olefin has high resistance to water and stains; resistance to water means resistance to molds and mildew, which are among the elements people with asthma or allergies want to avoid.


Polyester – Just like nylon, polyester resists dirt, dust, and mildew. Most importantly, it is affordable.


In choosing a rug or a carpet, it’s important to keep in mind that regular vacuuming and professional cleaning is still the best way to maintain clean air indoors and get rid of unwanted particles in your carpets and rugs.